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Steelers Preseason Continues Tonight

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The Steelers look to take one more big step towards finishing their 2007 preseason sans a major injury tonight when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Heinz Field. Kickoff is at 8 pm EST on NBC.

Pittsburgh finishes it's preseason on Thursday against Carolina, but it's unlikely that the starters will see more than a series or two of action. That means tonight is the last real shot for the players to get up to speed before the start of the regular season. It also means it's the Eagles last opportunity to do so as well, so look for them to be agressive and attacking on defense.

I'm horrified of the possibility of injury tonight, so keep your fingers crossed that we continue to coast through this preseason unscathed.

I am interested to see if Lawrence Timmons and Willie Parker see the field more tonight. Of course, like I have been all preseason, I'm also interested in seeing who comprises the first team offensive line. It's the Steelers first appearance on Sunday Night Football this year! That means we all get a chance to check out the game with friends. Tune in and check back throughout and after the game to gab about our boys in the Black 'n Gold.

Go Steelers!