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More Steelers To Be Cut Come Saturday

The life of an NFL player seems glamorous: the money, the luxuries that money can buy, the women, the privlige of playing for a living.

As wonderful as it seems, players can find themselves cut and without a salary just like that. Those guys who don't make our 53-man roster will be unemployed real soon. Some will make the practice squad and earn a few dollars; others will be forced to play in the CFL, NFL Europe; and some may even be forced to walk away from the game all together and pursue another career. A recent quote by Mike Tomlin about these cuts made me realize that a lot of young men's dreams are about to be dashed:

"It's always difficult because you've spent quite a bit of time with these men and people don't see the sacrifice they make and the level of commitment it takes to even be in the position that they're in at this point," said Tomlin. "Forget talent, it is a tremendous commitment, physically and emotionally, and a lot of other areas. You appreciate what they do from that standpoint. It makes it difficult regardless of whether or not they were extremely close to making it or they weren't. These guys are pursuing dreams that they've been dreaming about for an extremely long time. You can sympathize with that [because] you have an understanding of what its about. Those days are always tough."

Such is life, and such is life in the NFL. Not much is guaranteed in this league, especially to the unproven and the journey-men. Best of luck to those on the bubble and to those unfortunate souls who do get cut this week.