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College Football Is Here

It's an exciting time of year for all football fans. The NFL commences with a brilliant matchup next Thursday between the Colts and the Saints. For those who love football and can't wait, fear not, the College Football season kicks off this week, starting with 11 games on Thursday.

I enjoy college football, but I don't follow it with the same zeal and lust that I do the NFL. I pay good money for Sunday Ticket and I get my money's worth. In addition to catching every play of the Steelers' season, I enjoy watching the Saints play, the Bengals bungal, and LT do his thing. I enjoy cheering for the underdog, especially when they're playing against loathsome teams like the Colts, Broncos, Ravens, or Patriots. It's easy to get immersed and have my Sunday entirely consumed by the NFL. And once you get a bite to eat, catch your breath and think about doing something else, NBC's Sunday Night Football comes on.

What I'm saying is I love Sundays, but I can't quite bring myself to spend my entire weekend watching football exclusively. That means that I miss out on a lot of the college action on Saturdays. Sure I'll catch a game or the final moments of another couple games, but I just simply don't follow it as closely.

So, I won't try to speak too authoritatively here about the upcoming NCAA season. For the best college football coverage on the internet, go no further than SundayMorningQuarterback. The guy covers everything, and I mean everything on the collegiate landscape. Want insight into the Sun Belt? He's got you covered. SEC or Big Ten coverage your cup of tea? Don't worry, plenty of that. He writes well to boot, so it's a treat to read just about every time you go there.

I'd go on and try to break down who I think will be crowned National Champs but it's not really worth it. I don't really know much at this point; I'll certainly have some opinions come Week 6 or so. I know steelerark (is McFadden going to go off this year or what?) and a few other of you guys are big college fans, what interests you about this forthcoming season? Is USC really the team to beat? Can LSU emerge from the stacked SEC to make it to a National Championship game? Can Texas QB Colt McCoy stay healthy and lead Texas back to the title game? Is their another non-BCS team like Boise State waiting for their chance to make some noise on a national stage? Will Jimmy Claussen win the ND QB job and live up to expectations? Can the Big East maintain its positive momentum and continue gaining credibility as a legitimate football conference? Can Duke or Temple win a friggin football game?

These are but some of the questions that come to mind when I think about this season. What gets you guys excited? Anything I should be keeping my eye on?