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Steelers Conclude Preaseason Tonight

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The 2007 Preaseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers concludes tonight against the Carolina Panthers. The game will kickoff at 8 pm EST at Bank of America Field.

Head Coach Mike Tomlin has said he thinks the starters might play as much as a quarter tonight. QB Ben Roethlisberger may play less after his stellar performance against the Eagles on Sunday. Hines Ward (broken nose) may sit out; same with Willie Parker.

The game does feature one semi-interesting sub-plot. The Kemoeatu brothers - Chris for PIT and Maake for CAR - will face off again. Last year these two teams met in the preaseason, but the brothers Kemo never were on the field at the same time.

Again, let's just keep our fingers crossed for a safe, healthy outcome for all our players. Let's hope Willie Reid looks better fielding punts after being called out by Mike Tomlin in practice this week. Lawrence Timmons could use the extra work figuring out where he belongs on the football field. And will this be the last we see of Chukky Okobi?

We'll see what happens tonight at 8 pm EST. Go Steelers!