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dathruth4life's Final Roster Prediction

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Bumped from the diaries. Good stuff as usual datruth. -Blitz-

Guys, I haven't had a chance to watch the Carolina game yet (I'll probably do that this weekend), but I wanted to get this in so you guys can tell me how amazed you are with me hitting everything on the head when Tomlin announce his cuts tomorrow. Alright, let's get it popping:

3 Quarterbacks - Roethlisberger, Batch, St. Pierre

-- If St. Pierre's injury is serious, then it would change things. If not, I think he's done enough to hang around.

5 Running backs - Parker, Kreider, Davenport, Davis, Russell

-- And Verron Haynes gets his ticket punched to Arizona.

5 Wide Receivers - Ward, Holmes, Wilson, Reid, N. Washington --

--Walter Young could be back before the year is over if there is an injury. I think Young would make a good fit with the Redskins, with all of the smurfs they have. Wait a minute, don't we got nothing but smurfs, too?

3 Tight Ends - Miller, Spaeth, Tuman

--If the Steelers had anybody else that was ready besides Miller, Tuman would be gone. But since they don't, he stays. Isn't America great?

10 Offensive Lineman - Smith, Fanacea, Mahan, Simmons, Colon, Starks, Essex, Kemeatou, Okobi, Jason Capizzi

-Philips getting hurt might be the equivalent of him rolling snake eyes during a craps game. Okobi doesn't mind though. If one has to go, I'd cut Essex. Capizzi has more potential and better feet. However, that would mean Starks would be your swing tackle. On second thought, keep 10. And also, expect a Steelers guard to get a new contract next week. Hint, Hint, it won't be Fanacea. (Pssstttt .... his name rhymes with Timmons)

6 Defensive Lineman - Smith, Hampton, Kiesel, Kirschke, Hoke, Eason -- If McBean makes it, it is clearly because he is a 4th round pick and nothing else. Eason beat him out, so put him on the practice squad.

8 linebackers - J. Harrison, Farrior, Foote, Haggans, Woodley, A. Harrison, Kriewaldt, Timmons -

--Timmons is really Farrior's replacement, but the Steelers haven't told anyone yet. And that's music to the ears of A. Harrison. Now, if only he could sack somebody.

10 defensive backs - Taylor, Palomula, Townsend, Clark, A. Smith, McFadden, Carter, Gay, Coclough, Iwuoma

--This is only because I've been told by two Steelers beat writers that the team is adamant about keeping 10 DBs. This means Coclough will be inactive all season unless there is an injury. Gay and Chidi are too valuable on special teams to be inactive.

3 specialists - Warren, Sepulvada, Reed

--Mike Barr, how's that Arizona air?

Guys, hit me back with plenty of your comments BEFORE the final cut list is announced. I'll probably post a review of the final list compared with this one and where that leaves the team for the season and going into next year. Take care and be blessed.