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William Gay Looks Impressive

While watching Sunday night's preseason game, I made several about rookie CB William Gay, a fifth round selection out of Louisville. Gay's first big play was a big hit against Saints' rookie WR Robert Meachem. Yes Gay was in position and jarred the ball free from Meachem without drawing a late hit or being overly dirty for a preseason game, BUT the ball was thrown drastically late by Saints' 3rd-string rookie QB Tyler Palko from Pitt. Just a few plays later though, Gay jumped in front of a Palko pass for an interception. Again the ball was a bit late from Palko, but Gay showed some nice anticipation, physicality to get underneath the WR, and nice hands securing the pick.

Did we find a steal in the 5th Round with William Gay?

So, are we going to see Gay be an integral part of our secondary this year? We'll definitely see him in dime and nickel packages I'd bet. And perhaps much more, especially if Ike Taylor doesn't lock down again like we're hoping he will. Gay seems to have a knack for the football. Last year, he was tied for 11th in the NCAA with 6 INTs.

Gay has been undervalued by scouts because of his lack of size and speed - he's only listed at 5'10" and 190 lbs and his 40 time is nothing to write home about for an NFL CB. But, I've read scouting reports that emphasize his close-out ability and instincts in the passing game. Instincts, preparation, and an understanding of where to be on the field is more important than a few fractions of a second better 40-time or a few more reps on the bench press in my opinion. There's a reason the kid wasn't recruited to the big-boy schools in Florida (he's from Tallahassee) - his lack of 'measurables'. But there's a reason Bobby Petrino and his staff recruited him - they knew he could play. And yes, Louisville seems to have done its homework with their recruits the past half-decade. They've been one of the most successful programs for a few years even though they've basically been forced to take other state's recruiting leftovers.

William Gay hammers Robert Meachem.