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Should We Have Let Joey Porter Walk?

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My answer would be a resounding yes. Porter signed a 5-year deal with Miami this offeseason worth $32 million, $20 million of which was in guaranteed money. That's simply too much for a man his age, even if he were entirely healthy. But, in fact, he's not. Porter underwent arthroscopic surgery for the third time in two years on Tuesday.

The good news for Porter is that he is only expected to be out of comission for several weeks. He'll probably sit out all of Miami's preseason games for precautionary measures, although it's not unrealistic to think he might play in their final exhibition game if he is progressing nicely.

The other silver lining for Porter is that Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery. Andrews is arthroscopy guru and was responsible for helping repair Drew Brees' shoulder prior to last season.

So, Porter will more than likely be ok, but that still doesn't answer our question as to whether or not we should have ponied up the dough to re-sign Porter this offseason. I've heard the argument that 'you just don't replace a locker room presence and on-field leader like Porter'. Well I would respond to that by saying yes Porter had some leadership qualities, but his personality was so overbearing that he didn't really give any one else a chance to emerge as a leader on the team. The man's crazy and his personality naturally dominated our locker room. I'm interested to see who fills the void, but I must say I'm not overly concerned about it. It will happen, and it's probable that whoever does emerge as a leader will be more approachable, rational, and sane than Porter.

I'm not here to strictly bash Joey Porter and what he mean to our football team when we made our Super Bowl run. I'm just here to say he wasn't worth the kind of money other desperate and more poorly-runned teams were willing to pay him. It's damn frustrating being a Steeler fan at time because of our steadfast refusal to overpay for players, even if they have been an integral and loyal member of the franchise (see Alan Faneca). It's frustrating, but it's savy on the part of the Rooneys. This will be a common theme for us as we learn what the Rooneys decide to do with Faneca and Big Ben over the next several years.

What do you guys think? Did we make the right move?