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Arians employs some 'mental warfare' on Nate

Apparently Arians sees about the same thing in Nate Washington as much of the public does, a great athlete with suspect hands. After his second drop Sunday night, Arians had this message for Nate:

"Catch the damn ball!" Arians said,... "If you want to stay here."

Arians states later in the story that he still expects Washington to be the 3rd WR, but that he must improve mentally and concentrate on the game.

On a small side note the Steelers announced the name of thier new official mascot: 'Steely McBeam.' I didn't really like the idea of having a mascot when it was first announced and the name isn't doing anything to change my opinion. I really hope this is a one year thing for the anniversary. On the Post Gazette's website they have a poll up with three choices on the nickname: like it, don't like it, and we don't need a mascot. With nearly 19 thousand votes in, 69% voted that we didn't need a mascot. So what do you think???