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Pats Safety, Harrison suspended for HGH

News has broke recently that Patriots' safety Rodney Harrison has been suspended for the first four games of the season for admitting to obtaining and taking HGH.  As far as I can remember this is the first confirmed case of a NFL player being suspended for HGH and there could be more names to come.  I heard on ESPN radio on the way home that other names could come out of this federal investigation, in fact one NFL assistant coach has already been questioned.  

As bad as it sounds this might actually be good for the Patriots on the field, wait, wait just hear me out.  Harrison is an older player who has been injury prone the past couple of seasons, (only 13 games in the last two years) so missing the first couple of games might be better for him.  He'll have a much better shot at being fresh and healthy down the stretch and through the playoffs.  

In much smaller new the Jags have named Garrard as thier starter and claim that Leftwich will either be traded or released in the upcoming days.  One thing I've never understood is the "traded or released" title.  Why would a team trade for a player if they can wait and sign him once he's cut?