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BTSC Fantasy Recap: Week 1

More thoughts on the Steelers game and other action from week 1 shortly. A brief recap of Week 1 in the Behind The Steel Curtain Fantasy League.

BTSC (me! 1-0) def. Just Nguyen Baby (0-1)

*Final Score: 100-86

*Key Player: Jason Witten tallied 17 points from the TE position. Not bad.

Arbitrary Name (1-0) def. The Yinzers (0-1)

*Final Score: 124-98

*Key Player: Plaxico Burress had a monster day, but getting 26 points from the Steelers defense didn't hurt either.

Business Time (1-0) def. More Cow Bell! (0-1)

*Final Score: 111-78

*Key Player: Tony Romo threw for 345 yards and 4 TDs, while rushing for another TD.

FastWillie (1-0) def. Bad Newz Kennels (0-1)

*Final Score: 97-51

Key Player: The Vikings D sacked Joey Harrington 6 times and returned 2 INTs for TDs.

Trashtalkers (1-0) def. PennStateDan (0-1)

*Final Score: 92-80

*Key Player: PennStateDan got solid production from T.O (20 pts), but not as much as Trashtalkers got from Randy Moss(24 pts).

pretty fly for a white guy (1-0) def. 3 yards in a cloud of dust (0-1)

*Final Score: 98-97

*Key Player:Edgerrin James pushed pretty fly over the hump last night, but this one was really decided by the defenses: Chargers (23 pts) vs. NYJ (0 pts)

Don't forget to set your lineups for Week 2 guys!