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Marshawn Lynch YouTube Clip

The following is a clip of Marshawn Lynch's college career at the University of California. There was once some discussion on this site about whether the Steelers should entertain the notion of drafting Lynch in the first round of this year's draft. The overall consensus was a resounding no, but I don't think any of us denied that he has some talent. Whether or not he'll be durable enough to be a consistent producer year in and year out is yet to be determined.

The clip is obviously made by a Golden Bears' homer, so my apologies in advance for some of the hokey production work that surrounds the rookie RB's collegiate highlights.

Ironically, the video (which must have been made sometime before the start of his senior year) claims Lynch was a Maxwell candidate and Heisman candidate. Perhaps true, but I'd bet most of us had never seen him play more than once or twice--if that--his entire college career. Anyway, check out the highlights of this week's opposing RB.