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Quick Hits Steelers Style

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* What other teams have their logo and colors flying around a major airline system?

* Hines Ward certainly isn't surprised to see the Patriots get busted. He, like many others around the league, is convinced they've been doing this for years, including during the Pats-Steelers AFC Championship games in 2001 and 2004:

Oh, they knew," Ward said yesterday. "They were calling our stuff out. They knew, especially that first championship game here at Heinz Field. They knew a lot of our calls. There's no question some of their players were calling out some of our stuff."

* One For the Other Thumb, a great Steelers blog, reports that Steelers beat writer Jim Wexell will take to the road to work on a new book titled 'A Steeler Nation: The Story Behind America's REAL Team.' The idea of the book?

Over the next 45 days attend/visit as many "games, tailgates, Steelers bars, anti-Steelers bars, hometowns of players, hometowns of legends, of ghosts" all "while living out of an RV".

Cool. Sounds fun. We'll have to keep our eyes out for that in 2008.

* According to a new survey, the Steelers lead the NFL in terms of the size of its female fanbase. That we knew or probably could have guessed, but did you know that over 300 women each year shell out top dollar to go through a day of simulated training camp? Or that the Steelers themselves offer a 'Football Knowledge for Women' course that is conducted in a class-room setting? Fostering that kind of loyalty and interest through such offerings is part of the reason why the Steelers have sold out every-non strike home game in three decades.