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Snoop Dogg May Love USC, But He Also Shows Love for the Steelers

Ever heard of Snoop Dogg's Youth Football League? I'd heard of it, but had never seen any footage before. Some of those kids can play! Anyway, I couldn't be more pleased to see that Snoop elected to have his team be the Steelers. It is his League, so I'm guessing he had first dibs on what team he wanted to be. Lo and behold, he chose the Steelers!

I don't have audio at work, so I'm not sure if the audio in the video is SFW or not, but it's definitely funny to watch Snoop bob his head decked out in Steelers gear, even with the sound off.

P.S. No wonder USC keeps reloading with top-notch talent from their backyard. Some of these kids can flat out play for not even being in high school yet!