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Some postgame thoughts

So far, so good. Both Cincinnati and Baltimore already have a division loss so even better!

A couple points (mostly off of Dale Lolley's excellent blog).

James Harrison was a beast before he was hurt today.  It was certainly scary to see him immobilized and carted off the field but apparently,

Harrison, by the way, will be fine. Word has it he tore his neck collar off in the ambulance at halftime and stormed back out to the field.

Another interesting tidbit from Lolley is that the Steelers are rotating Anthony Smith in every 3rd series at safety.  I'm a big Smith fan so its good to see him get in there although I was hoping he would win the job outright.  I still think he'll be getting most of the snaps by the end of the year.

Dookie Davenport looked much improved running today.  Granted it was after we had already broken the back of the Bills D, but still nice to see him hitting the hole hard and getting yards after contact.

For those who thought it was a bad decision to draft Spaeth and Sepulveda, do you still feel that way?  Both those guys are looking good.

CBS put out an atrocious broadcast today. Sometimes its hard to tell whether its my Comcast or CBS but the HD feed didn't come on until halfway through the second quarter.  And what was with the cameraman constantly zooming in and out, it was really annoying. That announcing crew was nothing to get excited about either.  I think we're on FOX next week so hopefully it will be a better broadcast.

All in all it was a great afternoon (what did you guys think of the throwback uniforms btw?) and it was made even sweeter by the Browns putting up 51(!!!) on the Bungles.