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Steelers Rip Bills, Win 500th

Busy tending to a few things for the next several hours, so full breakdowns of the game will be up later, but I wanted to congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Rooney Family, and all of the Steelers' wonderful fans on the organization's 500th victory yesterday, a 26-3 thrashing of the Buffalo Bills. The Steelers also became the first AFC team to join the 500 club.

A couple of thoughts to keep the discussion going:

*Our defense has as many sacks as points allowed. Yes it's just two games, but let that one sink in.

*I'm really starting to fall in love with Bruce Arians' play-calling. Very innovative and versatile while still being balanced.

*Big Ben hit 9 different receivers on his first 11 completions. It's going to be very hard to cue in one any one guy this year, especially if Nate Washington and Cedrick Wilson can continue making the occasional play for us in the passing game.

*I like the intensity with which Matt Spaeth plays. He's a pretty damn big young man, and although he's got some improving to do as a blocker, I think we're going to like his wide-body in the red-zone.

*Speaking of the red-zone, we've got to do a better job cashing in once we get there. The fact that we've scored 60 points in 2 games while playing mediocre in the red-zone is pretty darn encouraging.

*Let's hope James Harrison is ok. By all accounts, he seems to be, but we'll probably get a better idea in the next day or two about whether he'll be missing time. As datruth mentioned below, let's hope Tomlin doesn't rush him out there unecessarily.

*I liked the play of our cornerbacks. All of them. More on this later.

*More solid play from our special teams. Jeff Reed obviously had a nice game converting 4 of 4 FG opportunities; Rossum continues to be sure-handed and consistent in the return game; and although he only got one crack at punting, Sepulveda did well as a holder and placed a beautiful pooch punt inside the Bills 15 yard line.

More later. Chime in on some of those talking points. This is exciting stuff guys and gals. The Steelers look sharp, purposeful, and poised to make another run at the playoffs in 2007. We're Back! Go Steelers!