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Still In Good Hands

If last season was The Hangover, then this season surely looks like it may be the Rennaissance. And if so, let us count our blessings that the Dark Ages in Pittsburgh are so short.

And they are, aren't they? I mean - they've always been short. There were some lean years in the quest to add One for the Thumb, but it was always mostly good. We hit a down cycle between 1985-1991 (no division titles), but in the grand scheme of things, that's a pretty minor downturn in a sport that's viciously cyclical.

No, Pittsburgh has been and remains one of the most successful franchises in the National Football League. That sustained success starts at the top, with Mr. Rooney, and has permeated throughout this proud organization. When Chuck Knoll finally retired in 1992, Bill Cowher immediately stepped in and won a division title. He didn't get his ring until 2005, but the years between his arrival and his coronation were mostly hopeful ones, with teams we could root for with Steeler pride.

And now? Now, the Mike Tomlin era begins. And so far, it's been nothing but roses. I honestly couldn't be happier with Mr. Rooney's selection for the next head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think Mike Tomlin "gets it" in the way the only the best do, and though we'll hold off on the parades until we meet the team goals, let's just take a moment to note how great it is to be feeling this way about the team.

We're in capable hands, once again. Or, if you prefer: we always have been. Thank you, Rooney family.