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Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Report Card: WRs and TEs vs. Buffalo

For the second straight week, our wide receivers and tight ends found themselves open more often than not. And for the second straight week, Big Ben did a good job delivering the football to whoever the defense left open. 9 different Steelers caught passes on Sunday, including our first four WRs on the depth chart. The only drop I can remember came from Nate Washington on a ball that was slightly overthrown by Big Ben. The good news? Roethlisberger came immediately back to Nate on a similar pattern and Washington went up high to make the first down snag. Hines Ward hauled in 5 catches for 55 yards, but I'd like to see him get the ball along the line of scrimmage a few times a game to let him make a play. He's awfully crafty and effective at making the first guy miss and he rarely if ever fumbles. More progress from Santonio Holmes, even though it was clear the Bills were cognizant of his presence on the field.  An impressive overall performance from the WRs.

As datruth mentioned yesterday, anybody still have their doubts about Matt Spaeth? Arians said he was going to use all 3 TEs this season; so far he most certainly has. Spaeth and Miller both caught two passes. Miller had a nice 29 yard pick-up, and Spaeth of course hauled in Big Ben's first and only TD pass of the day. Even with Spaeth playing perhaps more than I expected this early, I don't expect to see Heath Miller get lost in the shuffle. He's still a huge mismatch for LBs and Arians will find a way to get him the ball if our offense continues to move so fluidly.

Grade: A-