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Quick Hits Steelers Style

*We talk more trends and talent evaluation on this site than advanced statistical metrics, but I'd like to gradually learn more about the incredible work put out by Football Outsiders, the non-disputed king of advanced statistical data on the internet. In that link, you'll see the Steelers offense has been supremely efficient through 2 games, especially when you don't take into consideration who we have played. On the defensive side of the ball, we have been just as efficient. More on these metrics in the near future, either in a presentation by me, or from someone who is better versed than I am. If you've never been to Football Outsiders however, go now and browse around.

*One more quick suggestion while I'm thinking about it. Ever want to look up some stats from a player in the past but not sure where to look? Tired of navigating through all the hoops and ladders on and Skip all that and just go to Pro-Football-Reference. The interface isn't flashy but it's oh-so-easy to get around. Want to compare Big Ben's best season with Terry Bradshaw's? Easy. Keep it bookmarked if you don't already do. If nothing else, it can help you settle some bets quickly with your friends.

*Onto the news...James Harrison is cleared to play this Sunday, despite being taken off the field on a stretcher this past Sunday. Clearly it was overly precautionary, but looks like we've got a warrior on our hands with Harrison. Anyone miss Joey Porter?

Matt Spaeth is the only Steeler banged up. The rookie TE has a thigh bruise, an injury Tomlin said Spaeth better get used to:

"When you are 6-7 and catch balls on the fly, people are going to hit you in the thigh," Tomlin said. "That is how they tackle you. He has to get accustomed and used to that and how to defend himself in those situations. He will be limited some. We will see where he is tomorrow. But as of right now, he is going to be limited a little bit, particularly at the top part of the work week tomorrow. Other than that, we are a healthy football team."

*As good as Tomlin has been, looks like he can be a bit better in game-management. It hasn't yet been discussed here, but Tomlin and his staff clearly missed the kick-off where Terrence McGee stepped out of bounds. It of course wasn't game-altering, but it did lead to the Bills only 3 points of the game.

*You can catch the video of Mike Tomlin's press-conference on the Post-Gazette here.

*The secondary has been so much better this year. Of course having a healthy Polamalu makes a big difference, but so has the play of Anthony Smith and Ryan Clark.