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Quick Hits, Steelers Style

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*Hines Ward in legal trouble? I doubt it, and I doubt it will even be a blimp on the radar in terms of a distraction.

*Good piece on Tomlin's ability to let Dick LeBeau 'do what he does'. Not only do I think it has been smart to let LeBeau have free reins on the defense because of how brilliant he is, I also think that could have caused some serious friction amongst staff and players if Tomlin had come in here and tried to immediately have everything done his way, even if he did coordinate a phenomenal defense in Minnesota last year. What's exciting for us fans is that we've only seen a tiny bit of what LeBeau apparently has in store for this defense this year, at least so say the players:

"I know everybody is waiting on it and I'm waiting on it also," Foote said. "It's not too much different, but it's a different look for the quarterback. We're waiting on Coach LeBeau to run it. It's a little freaky."

Freaky. Nice. I like freaky.

*Didn't take long for Tomlin to get out in the community either.

*The 49ers blog on SB Nation has a preview on Sunday's game. He, like myself actually, believes this will either be a Steelers blowout, or a narrow win for the 49ers.