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What to Watch For: NFL Week 3

In addition to the match-up of undefeated Pittsburgh and San Francisco, there's a number of other games that I will be keeping my eye on for one reason or another:

San Diego at Green Bay:

My thought is every one is way too high on Green Bay, and way too down on San Diego. If the Packers can stave off the Chargers and improve to 3-0, you'd have to consider them legitimate playoff contenders. Their defense has been showered with praise - and it's definitely good - but I expect the Chargers to come out firing on Sunday. LT held in check for three straight weeks? I doubt it.

Prediction: San Diego

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles:

Same logic applies. The Eagles have no hope if you checked the pulse of NFL fans around the country. I don't buy it...just yet at least. I expect McNabb to get on track this week against a still-mediocre Lions defense. As for Detroit? I mentioned last week that Jon Kitna has always been a favorite of mine, and he proved why he's still given opportunities in this league despite having the misfortune of being on mostly poor squads. Kitna heroically marched the Lions on a game-winning FG drive after having to sit out earlier with a concussion. I'll be praying for Kitna this week (and not just because he's on my fantasy team)..I think the Eagles are going to harass and knock him around all day.

Prediction: Eagles

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans:

As much as I'd like to see Peyton Manning and the Colts to lose this week, it's probably not going to happen, especially now that it's been confirmed that Andre Johnson won't suit up. This AFC South match-up of 2-0 teams could be good, but only if Houston runs the ball for at least 150+ yards.

Prediction: Colts

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens:

If you asked me who I thought would win this won before the start of the season, I would have said Baltimore without flinching. Now I'm not so sure. It took a lucky pick in the endzone for the Ravens to finish off the home. The Cardinals? They finally won a close, tight game, and are probably having a solid week of practice. I still don't like Arizona's playoff chances (mainly because they play the AFC North, including us), but I do think they'll sneak out of Baltimore with an upset win.

Prediction: Arizona

Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks:

Can the Bengals respond after last week's embarassing loss to the Browns? What about Seattle, who gift-wrapped last week's game for Arizona? If Seattle's defense can keep the Bengals offense under 27 points, I like their chances to get back on track, and send Cincy to a 1-2 record. Alexander has looked healthy and improved from last season. Can Hasselback put together two complete halves of football? I say yes.

Prediction: Seattle

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears:

The Rex Grossman questions are already surfacing in the Windy City, and for good reason. The Bears offense has been miserable, especially in the passing game. But, playing the Cowboys at home should help. Yes the Cowboys offense has looked like a Top-5 offense, but I don't expect Marion Barber to break tackles against this defense. As for the Cowboys D? It stinks if you ask me. They gave up a ton of points to a hapless Giants team, and certainly didn't shut out a Dolphins offense in Week 2 that can be described as Junior Varsity, at best.

Prediction: Chicago

That's it for this week guys. Let me know who you agree/disagree with, and feel free to chime in on other games you are interested in.

And oh yeah, GO STEELERS!