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Niners starting OLB out for season

49ers starting OLB, Manny Lawson , is out for the season after tearing his ACL in Wednesdays practice.  In his second year after being the Niners first overall selection last year, Lawson is second on the team with 11 tackles after totaling 65 tackles and 2 ½ sacks in 11 starts last season.  This should be a significant injury to a unit that was looking to carry the Niners this weekend.  Keep an eye on the LOLB spot to see if the Steelers try to exploit the injury replacement.  

TO was fined for $7,500 for "video taping" celebration he performed after scoring a touchdown during this weekend's Dolphins game.  Speaking to reporters Owens seemingly took another shot at `Billacheat' when he explained his celebration by saying he didn't understand the rules, that clearing state you can't use ball as a prop.  I wish they would let these guys have some fun in the endzone and leave fines and suspensions up the commish on a case by case basis.  I agree with not bringing in foreign objects but using the ball or pylon should be fair game as long as it doesn't interupt the flow of the game and involve the whole team.