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Final Thoughts About the Steelers vs. the 49ers As We Head Into Week 3

Thank goodness for datruth4life. I honestly don't know much about San Francisco, but once again datruth weighs in with some poignant insights.

Here is a sampling of my thoughts on the Steelers vs. 49ers as well as other things NFL heading into Week 3:

- It's been 15 years since the Steelers last started out 3-0. Aren't you glad records are meant to be broken?

-Take away Bills QB Losman's 38 yards rushing this past week and the Steelers D has only given up an average of 55 yards a game. That's the type of Steelers football that I'm used to and expect the rest of the way. Marshawn Lynch is going to be one heck of a running back in the future. So will Gary Russell.

-Frank Gore, all of our prayers go out to you and your family for the loss of your mother. However, on Sunday, Mr. Gore, aka "the Inconvenient Truth," meet Mr. Casey Hampton, aka "the Da Truth Hurts."

-Alex Smith can't beat this team with his arm. He's not an accurate passer, doesn't have the arm to consistently hit the deep outs and has happy feet in the pocket. In fact, he can probably cause more trouble for the Steelers this week with his legs. Expect the Wizard to send the hounds as usual, but have them maintain their rush lanes to keep Smith in the pocket. You probably won't see Lebeau's "Big" 4-2-5 and 4-1-6 package until next week in Arizona or the following week against Seattle when they try to spread the field.

-Nate Clements and Hines Ward will be worth the price of admission. I'll call this a standoff. However, I'll take Santonio Holmes one-on-one against Walt Harris any day of the week and on Saturday and Sunday. And their third corner, Spencer from Pitt, ain't no Champ Bailey.

-What has TE Vernon Davis ever done in the NFL to demand the ball or celebrate on the field so much? I'll take Heath Miller over any tight end in the NFL not named Gates or Witten.

-I don't know if I believe in the 370 carry curse, but I hope this isn't the year that Tomlin and this team will try to find out. With C. Davis, Davenport and Gary Russell available, Parker should be nowhere near that number. They'll need him healthy for the playoff run.

-Playoffs, You're talking Playoffs! Yep, sure am. AFC North Division Championship, too. Just wins, Baby! That's all we need. Just Wins.

-There's been a lot of Patrick Willis talk this week. I've seen him. He's good. But remember, folks, he IS A ROOKIE! The first team Ben play fakes to Fast Willie, Willis will leave his jock strap in the middle of the field as he watches Heath Miller sprint by him for a big gain. Let's also see how he feels at the end of the day after wrestling with Faneca and Chris K. the whole game.

-Claiming Andre Frazier off waivers this week from the Bungles and trading a 7th round pick for Allen Rossum weren't looked at as major moves for the Steelers. They will be before this year is over. Frazier was a pup two years ago as a rookie free agent Steeler, but he's been drinking milk and is now up to 255 on that 6'5'' frame. He's a good special teams player, can rush the passer and backup J. Harrison on the right side. This move will also allow the team to take a little bit of the wear and tear off of Harrison, Haggans and Farrior at the end of games. Frazier, Woodley and Timmons will gain valuable experience in mop duty. The team will be better for it in November and December.

-I would give you a final score, but I'll give that honor to my man Blitzburgh. I will give you a little something, though. It won't be that close.

-Winners this week: Chargers, Lions, Colts, Ravens, Seahawks, Bears.

I'll get back to you after Sunday's game. Steelers Nation, Be Blessed!