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Steelers vs. 49ers Game Thread

Use this thread for comments on the game and any other action around the NFL.  Here's the inactive list for today's game. No big surprises, as expected Spaeth isn't playing due to a bruised thigh so no 3 TE sets today.


15 Willie Reid WR
21 Ricardo Colclough CB
33 Gary Russell RB
54 Andre Frazier LB
72 Darnell Stapleton C/G
79 Trai Essex OT
89 Matt Spaeth TE
2 Brian St. Pierre 3rd QB


30 Donald Strickland, S
38 Dashon Goldson, S
69 Tony Wraggle, G
77 Kwame Harris, OT
78 Atiyyah Ellison, DE/DT
89 Jason Hill, WR
91 Ray McDonald, DE
13 Shaun Hill, 3rd QB