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Steelers Taking on Tomlin's Personality, Heading to 4-0

Datruth4life weighs in on another impressive Steelers performance. My thoughts to come

Your latest dose of "truth" serum on the Steelers and all things NFL in Week 3:

-Know when the last time the Steelers have started a season 4-0? I don't either. But you and everyone else in the whole world will know by Tuesday. It will be a prominent story line going into the game against Steelers West.

-This team is beginning to take on the personality of its rookie coach. Don't believe me? Well, here is what Tomlin said in his press conference after the game about what he thinks is the personality of this team:

"Hopefully, it's a team that doesn't ride the emotional roller coaster. That steps in stadiums on Sunday to compete, to win and don't worry about style points. I think that we've been talking quite a bit about that. We can't worry about style points. We've got to step in stadiums and play to win. We'll judge it on Mondays. I thought they did that today. We didn't get off to the start that maybe we wanted to in several phases. We turned the ball over early offensively which allowed them to go down the field defensively and kick a field goal. Things that we haven't done thus far this year. There's no blink in the men. They stayed the course. Trusted the plan, trusted each other and moved forward. Hopefully, that's the personality of this football team."

-Well said, Coach. Well said. By the way, anyone has a good nickname for Tomlin yet or do you want to wait until he at least has a year under his belt before anointing him with one?

-Another story line for the next game will be the QB position for the Cards. Leinart stuck up the place against the Ravens and got pulled in favor of Kurt Warner, who quickly put 2 TDs on the board and made it interesting at the end. It's not what Leinart or Whisenhunt want to be talking about with the Men of Steel coming to town.

-Review my notes from this past week, where I said Allen Rossum and Andre Frazier will both show you why the Steelers picking them up were good moves. Rossum got one today, and it won't be his last. What's probably going unnoticed is his presence on the kickoff team, where in successive weeks he has ran down a returner who could have gotten a lot more yardage than what the player picked up. Frazier was inactive this week, but he's going to take somebody's special teams job when he gets on the field.

-Alex Smith, in the famous words of Denny Green, "You aren't what I thought you were." You played a better game than I thought you were capable of. That touchdown you threw near the end of the game wasn't meaningless at all. It could be the springboard to brighter days for this once proud organization.

-Vernon Davis had a good 1st half, but this is a 4 quarter game. I understood that he had a sprained knee, but his team desperately needed him in the game when they were within a touchdown. He took a wicked shot from Polamula, though. Davis' counterpart on the other side of the ball was the best receiver on the field, Heath Miller. Miller also did a yeoman's job blocking for Willie and was one quick play from having a 100-yard receiving day.

-Speaking of that 1 play away, how come the Steelers can't get to the line of scrimmage and run a quick play before a review takes place but the 49ers can? If there is one area that Tomlin needs to become better at is responding to situations requiring challenges or running plays quickly to avoid the other team challenging a play.

-Then again, if the most noticeable weakness in your coach is not pulling his red flag quick enough, then your coach is doing pretty well. Steelers Nation, I repeat, you have a winner.

-Hines Ward officially has a bone bruise in his leg. Jay Glazer of said tonight that he talked to Tomlin after the game and Tomlin said that Ward will be held out of practice Wednesday but should play next Sunday. I think that is a bit optimistic. Bone bruises usually take a few weeks, but we all know how tough Ward is. If Ward can't go, Nate Washington will probably be moved up to the starting spot with C. Wilson as the 3rd receiver. Willie Reid would then move from the bench to the batter's box. Many of you have wondered why the Steelers kept Willie Reid although he isn't the team's main returner. Starting next week, you could begin to get your answer.  

-Where is all the moaning now about the Steelers not throwing enough to the tight ends? The Steelers should have  Matt "the TD-maker" Spaeth back in the lineup next week. Miller and S. Holmes will officially be No. 1 and No. 1A receivers next week if Ward can't go. It could be a lot worse. We could have the 49ers WRs and Davis, a TE who is a star in his own mind.

-Nate Clements, you are a MAN! That play he made on Wilson's reverse was sensational. I still think Champ is the best CB in the league, but Clements is second and holding.  He just needs to get his hands on the ball more.

-Patrick Willis, I referred to you as a good player, but a ROOKIE in my last blog with Steelers nation. I now change that to IMPACT ROOKIE and getting better. He could be the second best MLB in his division to Tatupu in Seattle. Did anyone see the play where Willis beat his block and then dragged down Willie while in full sprint before Willie was able to hit the corner? Even Parker looked around and wanted to know the number of the player that did that.

-After 3 weeks, it's James "the Beast" Harrison, 17 tackles, 1.5 sacks to Joey Porter, 9 tackles, 0 sacks. Porter, you are who we thought you would be this year.

-Anyone second-guessing Pittsburgh's decision to sign 49ers punter Andy Lee to a free agent contract that the 49ers rightly matched this offseason? That dude was bombing them all day long. I still like our rookie. He'll be where Lee is now, in about 2 years.

-Big Ben, 6 TDs, 1 Int. You've got to love that. Do you think Ben understands now that if he doesn't turn the ball over, with our Defense and special teams, that this team will be hard to beat? Remember Ben, a punt is not a 4-letter word. It means simply giving it back to your defense who just might score 7 for you themselves, just like McFadden did.

-No biggie, but something to keep an eye. Clark Haggans had 1 tackle today. Woodley had 2 tackles and 1 sack in much less time. Do you think Haggans is hearing the footsteps? When Woodley gets in the starting lineup, I think he will be there for the next 7 to 8 years while making several trips across the water. He's the best pass rusher on this team. He just needs to make strides in pass coverage and continue learning LeBeau's packages.

-Fast Willie is averaging over 5 yards a carry and Dookie is averaging over 7 yards carry. Not bad for an OL everyone thought was the weak link on this year's team. On the flip side, B. Young sure did give Kendall Simmons all he wanted today. The 49ers have a good young defense. Nolan just needs to keep adding pieces.

-Has anyone heard any news on OL Jason Capizzi? I don't think he's been signed to any other team's practice squad. From what I saw in the preseason, he deserved at least a redshirt year on this team's practice squad. LTs with that type of size, 6'9'', 320 lbs., and those kind of feet don't grow on trees.

-I didn't hear Ike's name called much today and I hope it stays that way. That is, unless he is taking one back the other way. If not, then he can continue to come up, smack the ball carrier, smother his man and remain pretty non-descript. Fine with me.

-San Diego, you aren't who we thought you were. Maybe A.J. Smith still has Schottenheimer's no. on speed dial. Then, eeh, maybe not.

-The Bungles and Browns bite the dust, and the Ravens almost did. Close to being a good start for the week.

That's the latest from me, brethren. I look forward to your comments and insights. Take care and be blessed.