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Major Injury News

Talk about a busy week for injury news, I'll try and take a quick run around the NFL and give some big players with significant injuries.

Shaun Alexander has a cracked bone in his left wrist but will continue to play with a protective cast.  Supposedly he sprained the wrist in week 1 and has had a cast on it since then but Holmgrem wouldn't say when the bone was cracked.  Bad news considering he's got the hard hitting Steelers coming up in two weeks.  

Steven Jackson continues the horrible season that has started for the Rams.  He'll miss at least a week with a partial tear of his groin.  That type of injury sure seems like something that will take more than one week to heal.  With his poor play in the first three games you have to wonder how long he's been playing with the injury as well.  Rookie Brian Leonard from Rutgers will be worth watching in his absence.  

The Steelers got the best of Vernon Davis after all as he'll miss the next two weeks with a sprained ligament in his right knee.   I would have to think this injury happened on Troy's big hit in that was reviewed and ruled an incompletion.   Talk about bad news for an already struggling offense, they looked like they made some plays that they could build on this weekend.  

The Bills continue to be decimated with injuries as they lost Losman and promising rookie Posluszy in week 3.   Posluszny had been starting from week one but a broken forearm has ended his season and Losman will miss at least two weeks after spraining his left knee.  Posluszny becomes the third defensive starter to be placed on IR already.  The QB job is now left up to a rookie from Stanford (and that is never a good thing).

I'm sure there are other that I missed so add them on as this has been a bad season for injuries.