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Quick Hits Steelers Style

* AOL Fanhouses' Steelers blogger thinks it might be more tricky confusing the Cardinals offense than it has been our first three opponents. The rationale of course is that Grimm and Whisenhunt are familiar with what LeBeau wants to do and will be better prepared. Not so fast. If they had datruth4life breaking down tape, Fanhouse would realize that LeBeau is instituting new packages this year that Grimm and Whiz have never seen. There will of course be some familiarity this week, but I think it will more pronounced when we have the ball, not vice versa.

* Hines Ward insists his right knee is 'fine'. Ward's status for Sunday is still unknown, but he had a big brace on his knee and got around the Steelers' practice facility with crutches. Doesn't sound too promising.

* I pointed out yesterday that Willie Parker was leading the NFL in rushing yards. I was surprised to see that the last time a Steeler won a rushing title was in 1946 when Bill Dudley topped the league. You can check his stats from that year here. Not all that impressive for a league-leader.

*Not much else to report from Steeler land, so we'll take it to break with....

What a badass. Period.