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The Season Is Here!

It's Game Time guys! No more waiting, no more prognosticating, no more trying to get a feel for our team based on preseason games. Regular season NFL football is back!

The Steelers begin their 2007 season with a visit to the Cleveland Browns. What better way to start one's season than with a game against our tiny little brothers from Cleveland!? The Browns have a few ingredients, but they're not yet a complete football team. Romeo Crennel was supposed to be the franchise's savior, but he hasn't yet mustered a winning season - or for that matter anything close to it.

Charlie Frye will start for Cleveland on Sunday. All the cameras will be on pretty boy Brady Quinn, but he's nowhere near ready to take live snaps in a regular season game. The big offseason acquisition for Cleveland was Jamal Lewis, a RB who once gave me nightmares. No longer. Lewis lacks the speed to take over a game, and the Browns offensive line - although improved - is still not yet good enough to open up consistent holes for Lewis to pick up 4 and 5 yard gains time after time. That means we should have Cleveland in plenty of 3rd and 6-10 yard situations where we can get after the QB. Charlie Frye is somewhat mobile, but I'm confident we'll force him into several mistakes over the course of the game.

More previews to come this morning and afternoon, including a look at what to expect from us on Sunday, as well as a look back at how we absolutely obliterated the Browns last year behind Willie Parker's memorable 200+ yard rushing performance.

Chime in with your game thoughts. Almost there my friends!