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Is History On The Side of the Steelers This Sunday?

Well, depends which data you look at. On the surface, the answer seemingly is a resounding 'Hell yes!' We have after all, won the previous 7 meetings with Cleveland, 13 of 14, and 14 of 17 since the Browns re-entered the league in 1999. Under Coach Cowher, the Steelers won 19 of 24 meetings against Cleveland - nearly an 80 % win percentage.

However, no new head coach for Pittsburgh has won their first game against Cleveland, dating all the way back to 1950 when this 'rivalry' started.  John Michelson was the first Steelers coach to lose to Cleveland in his first attempt in 1950. Joe Bach lost in '52, Walt Kiesling in '54, Raymond 'Buddy' Parker in '57, Mike Nixon in '65, Bill Austin in '66, Chuck Noll in '69, and finally Bill Cowher in '92.

So, which side of history repeats itself? Do the Steelers continue their recent run of hegemony over their foes down the turnpike? Or do the Browns keep their streak of beating first-year Steeler head coaches alive?

My money's on the former.