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Welcome to NFL 2007

The season has officially started and if you thought the Colts might suffer a Super Bowl hangover you were sorely mistaken. Thier offense was impressive (ok, that a big understatement) with nearly 300 yards passing and 3 TDs from Peyton and nearly 150 total yards and a score from Addai. The defense was much better than I had expected allowing only a field goal offensively (NO did have a defensive score on a Reggie Wayne fumble).

With all that being said who really cares, the Steelers don't play either team this year (at least not in the regular season). Watching this did get me to thinking about what was the key to for the Steelers this week against the Browns. We've totally dominated them since their return to the NFL and there isn't any reason why that should change this weekend. So what's your key to a 1-0 record and Tomlin's first real win (of many) as the Steeler's head coach?