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Steelers 34 Browns 7

It was only a win over a broken Cleveland Browns team, but my oh my what a fine way to usher in the Mike Tomlin era. Pittsburgh outgtained the Browns by 140 yards, including a dominant 206-46 advantage in rushing yards.

Ben Roethlisberger was solid, especially in the red zone, completing 12 of his 23 passes for 161 yards and 4 TDs.

Much more reaction to this in the coming days (Blitzburgh's been at a wedding), but for now, we congratulate Mike Tomlin on this impressive win and celebrate this team finishing plays and drives in ways that eluded the 2006 team.

I wasn't able to see the game in my area, so we're relying on you guys to chime in with game thoughts. Most impressive player on offense? Defense? Area the team may have improved in the most since last season? Concerns heading forward?

Go Steelers!