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Preview of Sundays Playoff Games from a Steelers POV

San Diego (+9) at Indianapolis - Sunday 1:00 pm EST: This is the hardest game of the weekend for me to wrap my arms around. San Diego beat Indy but they won by just two points despite getting 6 INTS and watching Vinatieri miss two short field goals. San Diego has won 13 of their last 15 (including last weeks playoff game) but the quality of their competition can be questioned. Indy is the defending Super Bowl Champion and finished with the regular season at 13-3 but their injury list looks like something out of a M.A.S.H unit.

Why San Diego will win: The list of Indy's `questionable' status players include Anthony Gonzalez, Marvin Harrison, Robert Mathis and Ben Utecht. This is in addition to the list of guys that are out or have been out for some time including Dwight Freeney, Anthony McFarland and Raheem Brock. Harrison hasn't played a game since October 22nd so seeing how his timing is with Peyton will be key. Not to mention that San Diego has one of the most explosive weapons in the league in LT, and he is capable of carrying this team at times.

Why Indianapolis will win: San Diego has only two weapons on offense (LT and Gates) and one of them won't be playing on Sunday. Gates hasn't been officially ruled out but it doesn't sound like he'll play with a dislocated toe. Without him the Indy defense can key on LT and force Philip Rivers to beat them. Indy has managed to keep winning despite missing several stars and the Chargers shouldn't have enough fire power keep up with Manning and whoever he's throwing to.

NY Giants (+7 ½) at Dallas - Sunday 4:30 pm EST: These two teams have met twice this season Dallas winning by double digits both times and the average score of 38-28. The big question in Dallas all week has been the status of TO (and where in the world is Romo) and while it looks like he'll play, no one is sure how much or how effective. The Giants are without Shockey but have a young tight end who should still be able to beat Roy Williams. If Eli can keep it together this could be another high scoring, entertaining game.

Why the Giants will win: If Terrell Owens isn't at full speed the Cowboys offense really suffers (think the Steelers O without Holmes). Tony Romo hasn't exactly inspired confidence in the Cowboys the past month or so either. After 7 straight games with a QB rating over 100, his past three games have consisted of a 22.2 (PHI), 81.2 (@CAR), and a 34.9 (@WAS) while throwing 5 picks and just one TD. The Giants have the front four to keep Romo under constant pressure as well.

Why the Cowboys will win: Romo led the Cowboys to one of their most prolific offensive seasons and with the 3rd ranked offense in the league. They scored 25 points or more 12 times out of 16 games and the defense has been solid enough to help them finish with a 13-3 record. Dallas is also getting Terry Glenn back who missed nearly the entire season while recovering from knee surgery. If he and TO are on the field at the same time and playing at a high level, this offense is very hard to stop.