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Steelers' Rival Baltimore offers head coaching job to Garrett

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The Ravens have reportably offered thier head coaching job the Cowboys' offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. I hope this news is true and I hope he accepts the job. Part of me though, thinks he may just be trying to force Jerry Jones' hand to pay him more or even make him the head coach in Dallas.  

This would have to be good news for the Steelers  because the Ravens don't seem to have the offensive personell to fit his schemes. They're very unsettled at quarterback and don't near the set of wide recievers that helped Garrett be so successful this season in Dallas.

He would also have to set a record for shortest coaching experience ever for a head coach in the NFL. In 2004 he was a backup quarterback for the Dolphins and after retirement he spent two seasons as their QB coach. Then last season he was hired by Dallas as thier offensive coordinator and now in with only three years of coaching experience in his lifetime he could the head coach of one of the Steelers' biggest rivals. Can you imagine a Steelers' head coach with only three years of coaching experience?