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Big Ben Makes Big Pitch for Faneca

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Big Ben apparently would like to see three things happen this offseason: a contract extension for himself; the acquisition of a tall, possesion receiver; and the re-signing of perennial Pro-Bowler Alan Faneca.

The question is not if Roethlisberger will receive a mega-contract extension this offseason, but rather, when. The other two wishes might be more difficult to accomodate.

"I don't know what's going to happen," Roethlisberger said yesterday. "That's hard for me, there could be an outlying story, something here or there I don't know about. But they do know how I feel about it. They know how valuable he is."

Ed Bouchette mentions that Roethlisberger made a similar plea to Steelers' management when Plaxico Burress' contract was up three years ago. However, Roethlisberger is determined to keep asking for a taller receiver, not because he's not satisfied with the WRs he has, or not simply because he thinks it will open up the field for Hines and Santonio, but also because he finds it hard to constantly be throwing at a downward trajectory:

"I'm 6-5," Roethlisberger noted. "I throw down to a lot of these guys. You see so many times Hines reaching up and I'm getting him killed because he's reaching up for balls and I'm just throwing it on my plane. To have someone on the same plane as me would just make my job ... I wouldn't get Hines killed going across the middle all the time."