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Steelers To Eye RB in Draft?

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"LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Turner [of San Diego], Kevin Faulk and Laurence Maroney [of New England], Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw [of the New York Giants]. Just looking at the teams that are still successful -- look at what Ryan Grant's doing for the Packers after they lost their guy. Unless you have a superstar, and even in San Diego's case, that's as good as it gets but it's still nice to have another guy."

Such was the answer Kevin Colbert gave when asked whether the Steelers would consider using their 1st round draft choice on a running back.

I'm too busy to confirm this (perhaps one of you could), but I only see two 1st round draft choices in that list - Maroney and LT. Turner and Jacobs, I believe, are 5th nd 4th round picks respectively. Kudos to the Giants and Chargers for finding depth that late in the draft, but for Colbert to use those names as explanation why the Steelers might use their first round choice on a RB is a fallacy. I've said it all year: Najeh Davenport, despite his acceptable skills, is not going to be an effective rushing option over the course of the season. If you want more insurance behind Willie Parker so be it, although I'd contend that he's stayed pretty darn healthy his career and shouldn't be labeled a risky asset. Draft in the mid rounds and hope you find a Turner or Jacobs type talent in those rounds.

But with all the issues we have along the offensive line, plus the need to add depth at several defensive positions, it's beyond me why the guys upstairs would even consider going with a RB in the 1st round.

I don't see it happening, and I do trust Colbert's and the Rooney's judgement immensely, but this procalamation, for now, leaves me scratching my head.