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Championship Weekend Open Thread

Please excuse my absence for much of this week. Not much happened on the Steelers front, other than the sad passing of Ernie Holmes and some specualtion about what the Steelers would be doing personnel-wise this offseason.

There are four teams, however, that are in the midst of the biggest week of their season, and for many players, the biggest game of their careers. I've been high on the Chargers from the get-go this season, and I would maybe take them again today if they were at, or anywhere near, full strength. But as is, they're probably too beat up to hang with NE. It will definitely take 2-3 NE turnovers, and with the way Brady's been playing, all season, it's hard to imagine him suddenly being careless with the football. It is supposed to be gusty in Foxboro though, with winds in the 20 mph range at times. San Diego would be best served pressing NE's WRs at the line of scrimmage and tempting Brady to beat them deep. One or two throws get caught up in the wind? Could be a game.

I don't know what to say about the Green Bay, New York game. I haven't seen much of either team this year. The conditions are beyond absurd. 26 below will be the wind chill! I'm for Brett Favre in this one. That's about all the insight I have, sorry. Man, what a test this one's going to be tonight for both teams. Who's going to will their way through the bone-chilling conditions and make more plays, especially on defense where the footing may be slick?

I'll go against my better judgment and make a few predictions:

San Diego 28 - New England 27
Green Bay 24 - New York 21

I'll be around for both games, so hang out and comment on the games if you're around. Enjoy your Sunday, friends, and if you've got tomorrow off, enjoy that too.