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Friday Open Thread: Least Favorite Steelers Player(s)

With little to no Steelers news to report on, and still months remaining to rehash what went wrong and right in 2007, I thought I'd change gears and open the floor to submissions for your least favorite/inspiring Steelers players, past and present.

For those of you who read this site even somewhat frequently, you know that this place is not a bastion of negativity. We try to leave the hateful bashing and name calling for the message boards. BUT, that doesn't mean we can't occasionally vent our frustrations does it? I'd prefer if our selections were primarily players from yesteryear, as we all try to support our current Steelers players who are trying their best. But Mahan, Colon, and a few others might find their way on this list. And, your selections(s) need not be solely for poor play. It could also be based on attitude (read: Plax), off-the-field stuff, or even a personal encounter you may have had with him at the airport or anywhere else. If you wish to include a player from the 70s or 80s, a brief synopsis of what drew your ire might be useful, as many of us were not alive or old enough to witness their transgressions.

Again, if you think this is a negative idea, feel free to not participate. But remember, this community is unequivocally supportive of this storied franchise. But over the course of 75 years and thousands of players, it is perfectly reasonable to admit that there have been some players who deserve a little good-natured ribbing from time to time.