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Behind The Steel Curtain/Promise® Buttery Spread Jerome Bettis Football Giveaway

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As you're sitting on the couch this Sunday watching the Super Bowl, will you give a thought to what you're eating? Other than if it's good? After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the unhealthiest eating day of the year.

Jerome Bettis, whose family has a history of heart disease, has teamed up with cardiologist-endorsed Promise® Buttery Spread to help promote heart healthy eating around the big game. Bettis and Richard Collins, the "Cooking Cardiologist" are hosting the Promise Cardio Kick-Off tailgate spread on January 31st outside the University of Phoenix Stadium. The spread, which could potentially set a new Guinness World Record, will feature over 600 heart healthy dishes. You can find out more about Bettis and his own commitment to heart health here (click on the Bettis video on right hand side of the page).

The actual event details are as follows.  Bettis and Collins will be in
attendance, and the event is open to the public.

Promise Cardio Kick-Off

January 31, 2008, 1:00 - 2:00pm

University of Phoenix Stadium

Now, to the contest. To win the autographed Bettis football, submit an essay, photo, or both that describes what the 'heart' of this franchise is. For many years, one might say that Bettis embodied what this organization stood for, and he certainly was the heart and soul of the locker room during his time in Pittsburgh. It need not be a player though. It could be an idea, a picture of something entirely unrelated to football that reminds you of the Steelers and how they play football. Anything. Have fun.

Contest will remain open until Monday morning following the Super Bowl. Essays should be no more than 100-200 words, though there is no strict limit.

Email submissions to: