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Steelers Updated Injury Status

Everyone knows LT is decimated and Aaron Smith is gone but it might be worse than we all thought:

Troy missed his second practice in a row today, which might not be as big a deal in a normal week but this weeks game is just two days away. Coach Tomlin said tomorrow will be a make or break day for him. Of course if Troy can't go, I'd imagine we see Tyrone Carter and Anthony Smith again. It's not impossible to overcome his absence because Smith and Carter have gotten so much playing time already this year but where it really hurts the defense is depth (basically there is none at the safety position).

Allen Rossum also missed his second practice and Coach T has already said that Najeh would return kicks and either Ced or Holmes would return punts. I really doubt that Rossum plays and I'm intrigued by the thought of Holmes returning punts. I've been against him doing it all year because he's already so fragile but in a one week season, what do they have lose anyways. For what it's worth Holmes returned 26 punts last year for a 10.2 average and 1 touchdown, while Ced has 17 career punt returns for a career average of 6.2 with a long of 13 yards. I don't think I have to say who I'd rather have in a 'win or go home' scenerio.

Willie Reid was limited in practice after not practicing at all yesterday but either way, I doubt he dresses after last weeks performance. McFadden, Townsend, and Ward all returned to full practice after sitting out yesterday.