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Super Bowl Week Links

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* I don't think I'm your go-to-guy to provide any sort of worthwhile Super Bowl coverage or preview, so go here for Pats and Giants coverage.

* The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Jared Palmer, Carson's younger brother, to a 2-year deal. The younger Palmer was waived by Washington in early September this past year after being drafted in the 6th round out of University of Texas at El Paso.

* The Redskins are still in the midst of a bizarre coaching search. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels all of a sudden seems to be in the mix for the head coaching vacancy in the nation's capital.

* Here's my one thought about the Super Bowl, and it's really only related to the Giants. How come we haven't heard any of the internal drama that we'd hear from the Giants in recent years? Obviously won't come now that they're winning, but things looked like they may have been turning for the worse in December. The Giants held it together. Tiki Barber, Plaxico Burress, Jeremy Shockey, Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, Tom Coughlin. Those are all the conflicting personalities you had last year. Take out Tiki and Shockey. That in turn keeps Plax's mouth shut since the offense is designed predominantly around him. Manning doesn't have to worry about scratching backs with who he delivers it to and finally matures some. Coughlin doesn't have to act like a raging bafoon in response to all the bickering and unecessary politics that were occurring in year's past. Voila.

Not very in depth, I know, but it is worth thinking about how acquiring as much talent as possible, regardless of how they interact with each other, is sometimes not enough for professional sports franchises.