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BTSC Prognostication: Welcome Back to the NFL, Coach Cowher

Congratulations to Coach Joe Gibbs and his Washington Redskins for their valiant run in the final quarter of the season. Four straight wins to close the season catapulted them into the playoffs, and if not for some ridiculous rule that disallows the kicking team from returning an onside kick unless it hits the receiving team, they might have edged out Seattle at Qwest Field and advanced to the Divisional Round.

After a slew of tough losses, the emotional loss of Sean Taylor, and an exhilirating close to the season, Coach Gibbs has decided to call it quits in Washington.

Now, for my prediction: Coach Cowher will leave his cozy desk job in the CBS studios in New York to coach the Washington Redskins. We've been over this before, but perhaps now's a good time to address the pros and cons again.

I, for one, don't buy any argument that revolves around his desire to be around his family more often. We've debated how many hours are actually spent preparing for these studio shows, and I think we all agreed that it's not a 40 hour-a-week job, but nevertheless, there's plenty of transaction time spent traveling, and when you're still in 'the game', as I suppose those 'analysts' are, there's many other hours spent watching games, and talking to players and coaches in order to stay in the know. It's certainly not the same level of commitment as coaching, but it's still enough of a commitment where Cowher probably is away from his family frequently, especially on the weekends when family time is most abundant.

Anyway, I'm only speculating on that front, but here's what I do know about the 'Skins job: they have a fantastic running game, a very promising young QB, they play in the NFC where fortunes can be made overnight, and perhaps most importantly, Dan Snyder would do whatever it took to make Cowher the highest paid coach in the NFL. And in my opinion, Cowher will be at, or near the top of Dan Snyder's list. Snyder doesn't exactly look for diamonds in the rough with his coaching searches...see Steve Spurrier, Schottenheimer, and Joe Gibbs.

Cowher is certainly not strapped for cash, but let's face it, he coached in Pittsburgh in the 90s primarily, for an organization that doesn't overpay and during an era when coaches weren't paid what they are now.

Is it that much of a stretch to think Cowher may use this line of reasoning: 'Well, I could watch a few more of my daughter's athletic events, or I could take this lucrative job now and ensure the three of them, plus my future grandchildren, will have everything they need for the rest of their lives.'

Money talks. Don't be surprised to see Cowher back on the sidelines next year.