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Week 6 NFL Games of Interest

We all know the Steelers aren't playing, but here's a look at some of the other interesting matchups from around Week 6 in the NFL. Also, don't forget to get your picks in for the BTSC Pick Em League, even though the Steelers aren't on the slate this week.

Carolina at Tampa Bay - Not that any of us really care about this once, but first place in the NFC South is at stake between two teams that figure to be in the hunt for either that divisional crown or a Wild Card berth. Brian Griese has thrown a boatload of picks despite his perfect record as a starter.

Baltimore at Indianapolis - Indy's been tough to figure out this year. They've played terrible football for the most part, yet find themselves at 2-2 and lurking in 2nd in the AFC South. Baltimore better get it's ground game back in gear this week. The Colts surrender plenty on the ground, and it's never a bad idea to keep Peyton Manning on the sidelines as much as possible, particulary when he's at home. Remember, Peyton didn't take a single snap in preseason, so now that four games are behind them, it's basically like he's been to camp and should be ready to go.

Jacksonville at Denver - Huge game for both squads. At 2-3, Jacksonville can no longer continue saying 'we're close'. Not in the AFC. 2-4 doesn't put them down and out, but it certainly makes things tough. You figure they'll have to get at least ten wins to be in the hunt for a Wild Card, so they'd have to finish at 8-2 in their last ten most likely. As for Denver, a home win here would put them at 5-1, and would go a long way towards silencing their critics, myself included, who thought their defense would do them in sooner rather than later.

Dallas at Arizona - We'll see how Big D responds after being physically beat up two weeks ago by the Washington Redskins, and only squeaking by a sad Bengals team at home last week. The Cards are a different team at home. Two weeks ago, they laid an egg in the Meadowlands, giving up 6 Brett Favre TDs. Last week at home, they dealt the Bills their first loss of the year. I think I like Arizona here, but it would sure help if they had Adrian Wilson and Anquan Boldin in the lineup.

Any games interest you? Any developments you forsee happening?

TV Maps:

CBS Early Game Map

Fox Early Game Map

Fox Late Game Map