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Steelers Expectations/Predictions Open Thread

The floor is yours.

I want to hear how you think the rest of the regular season is going to play out. And playoffs too, for that matter, if you think we'll be playing in mid January. A million things can happen between now and Wild Card Weekend - we could catch the injury bug again at the wrong time, we could hit an unstoppable peak, or anything in between - but if you're so brave, lay out some of your expectations for the rest of the season based on what we know through 6 weeks in the NFL and with this team.

I could do a thorough breakdown of our Cincinnati matchup but honestly, that seems a touch superflous. This is a game we should win, even if it's on the road. Instead, let's do what coaches and players refuse to do publically and look down the road. Based on what we've seen out of the defense, my hunch is some expectations have changed around here since the preseason. But there's still plenty to be troubled about offensively. What do you think? And please don't be afraid to share an opinion that's not 'popular.'

All yours.