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Week 7 NFL Viewing Guide

Here are the games of interest in Week 7, at least in my mind, followed by the TV Distribution Maps for this week. Be blessed Steelers Nation. Have some fun this weekend in this generally gloomy time around our country. Appreciate what you have, whether it's your job, your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/friends, your pet, your music, your health, your Steelers, whateva. Everything's gonna be just fine. Hopefully :)

To the games.

San Diego at Buffalo: This is a great game. Are the Chargers back after their usual September doldrums? Are the Bills legit? Who freakin' knows, but we'll find out Sunday.

Vikings at Bears: Us AFC folk don't really give a damn about this one, but playoff hinges rest on this contest. The Vikings have played better this past couple of weeks and Chicago has somehow managed to be a somewhat consistent team with Kyle Orton at the helm. The problem though for Chicago has been that despite the relatively solid play at QB, the team's just 3-3. Big game in the NFC Norris.

San Francisco at New York: I include this game for two reasons. 1) We play New York the following week. I'll be interested to see if they can rebound from this past Monday night to beat a very flawed SF team. and 2) if SF wins, they deserve to be considered relevant in the NFC still, despite their schizophrenic play. But really, what a W by SF would tell me is that Pittsburgh can feast on the NYG in two weeks when they travel to Heinz. Anything other than a total NYG runaway has me feeling pretty good about Week 8 against the Giants.

Cleveland at Washington: Well, the 'Skins crapped the bed last week at home against St. Louis, while the Browns manned up and handled the reigning SB Champion New York Giants. In my mind, this is a big game in the Jim Zorn era in Washington. Can they rebound and re-establish themselves as an elite team in the NFC? Or do they punk out again to a Cleveland team that may be on the rise. For the Browns, there's just no time to feel good about last week's W. They need to follow that up with at least one W in the next two @ Washington or @ Jacksonville. This may be their better opportunity, quite frankly.


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