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Friday Notes

Update: Included now are my answers to BigBlueView's questions. You can find them at the end of this post or in the previous link.

Happy Friday y'all. Maybe I'll post a thing or two about the Giants defense later, since we flushed away most of our week asking ourselves if we'd rather fly first class or take coach take Big Ben or Eli Manning. At least earlier in the week we thoroughly examined what was the marquee matchup in this game: our impressive defense versus their excellent rushing attack. I'm about spent though thinking about this one. We know what both teams have and it's clear we're all psyched about this one. Anyway, a few notes for Friday.

* As of right now, ~ 1:15 am PST on Friday morning, there's no real word on what will happen to Santonio Holmes, who has allegedly been charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana. I'm not going to get into the few details we know just yet but he was apparently very cooperative and had all his mental and physical faculties. I always wonder when something happens like this if the cops that stopped him don't like football.  Really? A star WR in broad daylight casuing no disturbance for a blunt? Come on. Chargers and Raiders players have an advantage. No way they get ticketed there. I half kid, but Holmes is now going to be labeled with the 'thug' image because he had a few prior incidents - both of which never went to Court.  That's unfortunate for him, but I suppose smoking blunts in your car ain't that wise either. Sheesh. You'll be home soon. And why do athletes never have their drivers licenses with them? Never understood that.

Anyway, we'll see if Coach Tomlin and perhaps even the NFL decide to do anything with him before this Sunday's game. The team likely will, even if it's just a game suspension if not this week, then perhaps next. The league? Hard to say. Hasn't been enough consistency.

* By the way, I have no idea what happened to the .css (styling) on my site. There's a bunch of red everywhere and I don't know why. And it comes and goes, at least for me, which is equally bizarre. If you think I'm trying to be cute or make a statement, settle down. I want Black And Gold just like you so let me figure out what's going on and we'll change it back.

* Your TV Maps (Hint: Unless you live in the Pacific Northwest - like, say, ME! You're getting this puppy. It's on about everywhere coast to coast):

CBS Early;

Fox Early

Fox Late

* Full slate of good college tilts. If there was a weekend to maybe check some out, this might be it. Lots of important, plus entertaining games, including:

#10 Ohio State vs. #3 Penn State
#1 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma State
#11 LSU vs. #9 Georgia
#8 Texas Tech vs. #19 Kansas
VA Tech vs. #24 Florida State (if you hate offense, could be a dandy)

* Not such an enticing menu in the professional ranks. Atlanta at Philly? Meh. Cleveland at Jacksonville? Important game for both teams and perhaps the one I'm most interested in. Anything else? Arizona at Carolina? Really, that the best you got? That actually should be a good one, but this is fairly ho-hum week in the NFL. DId the league intentionally set it up that way so all eyes might be on San Diego and New Orleans in London? Anyway, will be counting down the seconds to kickoff for us as I watch some of that miserable football earlier in the day.

* Get your picks in for the BTSC Pick Em League.

* My answers to Ed's Steelers related questions are here.