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Less Than 6 Hours Till Steelers-Giants

Just a litte longer guys and gals. There's a slate of games to be played before its our turn. Talk football here, including any Steelers info you've stumbled across. Open thread will be up a bit later, but I know y'all will be antsy early this afternoon with anticipation. Get rid of your nervous energy here while we wait. Go Oakland. I got 5 large for any Raiders player who fu*&s up Ray Lewis, and half that amount for his little yes man Terrell Suggs. Oh, no nevermind. I'm just kidding, I don't really have a bounty out for them? (But only because I don't have the scratch).  Keep an eye on this game. I wouldn't be surprised if the Faiders kept it interesting.

I'll also be keeping an eye on Tampa-Dallas. Full fledged panic mode set in after this week in Big D? I absoultely can not believe that Brad Johnson will be starting another game in the National Football League after what I saw last week. UNbelievable.

Arizona at Carolina - dont forget about our man cgolden. His Cards have a huge, HUGE test to prove they're for real under Ken Whisenhunt. Road wins have been hard to come by for the Cards since..well, hell, for as long as I've been alive. This is a big one because quite frankly, if injurys don't take a toll, I'm not sure I wouldn't put all my chips in the middle on Carolina in the NFC this January.

Washington at Detroit- Only because we play them next week.

San Diego at New Orleans - Two talented teams who had aspirations heading into this year face off in London. One of them will be 3-5 and will have a loooong flight home to think about just how steep a hill they have to climb to accomplish the goals they set for themselves this offseason.