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Next Week For Steelers Might Be Revealing

Just a quick thought after this game: I'm officially viewing this upcoming MNF football game on the road against the Washington Redskins as a turning point type game. We win, I still like our chances to be in meaningful games in the AFC playoffs that we feel we should win. We lose this one, we could be headed for a downward spiral of sorts. A spiral that may not lead to catastrophe - it still will be hard for us to miss the playoffs in my opinion, unless something even more drastic happened on the injury front. But we could be headed towards a second straight uninspiring conclusion to the season if we don't continue to search for new ways to be effective on offense and if certain things don't break our way.

Just a hunch here. Well get into the more formal breakdowns of our game with Washington throughout the week. But I'll say it now. This next Monday is going to tell us plenty about how resilient we are, whether our offense is worth believing in, even on a toned down level, and whether we have the mental toughness to regroup and travel to play a Washington defense that is pretty damn impressive. If we can, we can send send home Chicken Little once more, as next week should be much like the types of games we've struggled with in 2006-2008.

What do you see playing out? Consider this your early week prognostication outlet for our next game, and for that matter, the next few games.