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Steelers Injury Update

By the way, we're looking into why those ads are just hanging over the content, without being able to close them. Will be gone soon enough, I'm sure. - Blitz-

A few notes on the injury front.

The following players missed practice yesterday:

Marvel Smith (back spasms) - get ready Max and Trei

LaMarr Woodley (calf) - uh oh.

Casey Hampton (toe) - something tells me Big Snack aint missing a game because of his toe.

Ben Roethlisberger (shoulder) - more here than we thought? Including last Sunday?

Keyaron Fox (hamstring)

Hines Ward & Deshea Townsend (day off)

We also signed some punter to the practice squad - Rocky Schmitt. In case Mitch Berger can't go. I always wondered if guys like that are legitimately psyched about 'getting a call up'.  If Berger plays, he's gone.  He needs to beg for that 40 year old hamstring to stay tight as a drum. Anyhow, for his valiant efforts last Sunday I''m pulling for Mitch, I just hope we don't botch this one and keep him active if he's borderline. We may need a sturdy leg in the punting game next Monday, even if we were to win.

One note to end: I know we have some mathmaticians in the group. Care to inform us know what the odds are of losing both your punter and your long snapper in one game? I dunno, perhaps just check how many games a punter or some long snapper that are long tenured have missed in their careers. I'm curious though.