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Happy Halloween Steelers Fans

You know what? I'm a smidge tired of writing about this team this week. I want to see us play again before I'm ready to tip my feelings one way or another about this team. And I sense from many of us that I am not alone. Until we play, I have nothing really to say. Or rather, I'm having a hard time sorting out the conflicting thoughts flooding my head this week. As one commentor said, I believe datruth4life (and I'm paraphrasing here): 'we're like a Ferrari with broken parts.' True that. The potential's all there. And man can it be baffling how far away we seem at times from approaching even the 150 mph threshold, let alone the 200+ mph plateau that we think this machine was capable of reaching.. I just hope Bruce Arians touched up on his Italian import repair skills this past week and finds a way to get this puppy humming again soon.

(Turn your volume down)





I'm torn. Ask me again Tuesday.

But, frankly, I'd be just fine with something in between.



So, instead, some miscellany. For those of you who read during the offseason, you know we manage to keep things lively nearly year round without games every weekend, so consider this a reprieve from the grind of recaps and previews that accompanies writing this site during the season. We'll all be drooling at the mouth for football come Monday, so rest assured, we'll get back to the topic at hand soon enough later today and throughout the weekend and Monday. I was in the mood to write something but not Steelers related, so I guess in this not quite egalitarian space :) you'll just have to deal with it for the time being.







* Some random stuff I've either been reading, listening to, etc.


*) Ever wanted to hook your computer up to your TV but don't know how? It's pretty easy and not very expensive (30-50 bucks depending on the quality or length of cables you might buy). This Gen Y'er takes you through the process. Bear with him and his um, informal? style. Useful though and I know there's one of you who would like to know this:


*) Mike Leach, head coach at Texas Tech, gives all you youngsters in college some tips on dating. His Texas Tech Red Raiders, ranked #5, host #1 Texas this week at home in what's being billed as the biggest game in school history. Go Raiders. Love Leach.

*) Here's a good read by Malcolm Gladwell though you may want to print it out and read it over the weekend. It's enjoyable but as it relates to football, perhaps it's not too late for guys like Bruce Arians to figure it all out. I'm not holding my breathe, but it's not because it's not doable at his age. Regardless, read it anyway. It's a nice reminder people can achieve great things with the right amount of hard work, talent and a few breaks. This isn't ra-ra fluff though. Just typical good stuff from Gladwell when he squeezes in an article for The New Yorker.

Maybe Arians needs to do more reading or self-assessment. Here's a quiz from an economist that touches on the same subject that might help Bruce out.

*) Damn. Fucking idiots. Or at least the one without a helmet:


*) For you college football fans. An animated week by week version of the race to #1 in college football.

*) Like Led Zeppelin? How about a 1969 version of White Summer / Black Mountain recorded live in Paris in 1969. Got the whole set a few weeks ago. Hit me up if you want the rest. Sound quality is pretty sweet considering the date.

Zeppelin in Paris


*) Had forgotten about this commercial. Don't make em like they used to:

* Glad I wasn't on campus to catch this fatal and crazy incident yesterday.


*) Use LinkendIn or been meaning to sign up (it's one of the few 'social media' tools I find has some decent potential value as opposed to say Twitter which is totally vapid imo)? Interesting article on them here.  You might be interested in the read if you're in marketing, advertising, or data research of any kind.


*) Dear God,

Thanks for making me intelligent in ways that are fairly useless. Sincerely, Michael




*) Kimbo Slice goes down in the 1st round. But that's not why I share. Couldn't really give a damn about MMA.  It's Gus Johnson, who calls NFL games on CBS, and his just absurd call of the action. There was no way Gus was letting his Canadian counterpart in the booth get a word in. Grip, Gus. Get one.

Sorry, I can't stop. The Best of from Gus. Absurd. Love it. Who would possibly want anybody less dramatic as Gus? Haha, ridiculous. His calls start to recycle as the song finishes around the 3 minute mark, or maybe before, but comical for a few minutes, esp with no visuals.


*) Remember that movie Minority Report? Some of that technology's heading to your living room or office sooner than you think.

Back to Steelers coverage soon enough. Share some of your own fun stuff you've stumbled across if you want.