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NFL Week 9 Games of Interest and Steelers Rooting Guide

We have to wait until Monday for Steelers football, but there's plenty of meaningful games on Sunday to get your appetite sufficiently whetted.

First, the TV Maps.

CBS Early

Fox Early

Fox Late


Green Bay at Tennessee - Green Bay tries to avoid falling to .500 while Tennessee looks to improve to 8-0 after playing on Monday night. A win here by TN would cement their status as the this year's most resilient this team. They can sure grind with anybody.  Might be a tough spot for them though.

Houston at Minnesota - No way I'd watch this one, but keep an eye on the Texans. A win here would be four straight, putting them squarely in contention for a Wild Card run.

Baltimore at Cleveland - Who y'all got here? I personally think it'd be better for the Ravens to win and keep the Browns just luke warm. They could be in our rear view mirror pretty soon, and in my estimation, they pose more of a threat to us than do the Ravens over the long haul, even though Baltimore's just a game back as of now.

New York Jets at Buffalo - This one matters a lot to these teams, but meh. A NYJ win keeps the middle of the pack in the AFC uber-congested.

Miami at Denver - This game is actually fairly interesting. In year one, Parcells already has changed the tone in South Florida. Helps that Pennington has been playing fairly well this year, though the turnovers that he has had have been untimely and very Pennington-esque. If Denver loses here, it may be a race to 8 wins in the AFC West for the crown.

Dallas at New York Giants  - Just beat up on each other, allright?

New England at Indianapolis - This spot seems like as good as any to judge what kind of home field advantagage Lucas Oil Field provides. Word is, it's so cavernous that it feels somewhat stale and strangely quiet. Certainly compared to the comfy and deafening confines of the RCA Dome which was always a tough place to go win.  Could the Pats really send the Colts to a 3-5 record? Barometer game for the Pats as well. They may be sneaking up on people now that Bellicheck and his staff have gotten to reprogram Matt Cassell over to the Dark Side.

Browns or Ravens?