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Count Your Lucky Stars, Steelers Nation

It's been awhile since I've shared some YouTube goodness. You'd be hard pressed to find anything much better than this gem. Enjoy y'all, and remember, through thick and thin, it sure feels good to love the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It may not be this year (though I really wouldn't bet against this defense if everyone's healthy), but my senses tell me this group of Steelers is on the right path towards adding their own chapter to the franchises' illustrious history.


If video loads slowly, just pause it and step away and let it get a head start downloading so you can watch it without any hiccups. It loaded slowly for me. Oh, and turn the sound on if you can. It's not disruptive for work environments. Seriously though, be patient. It's worth it, but not if watched in choppy bits and pieces. Cheers.